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Learn the feminine habits that transformed my life from being overlooked to overbooked, enabling me to build a multi-million dollar business and personal brand, all without sacrificing home life in the name of hustle.  

This is a book about success principles.
“Successful  people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally” -unknown


Success is not an accident- it’s a result of consistent, deliberate habits. Feminine Woman Habits book teaches you how to establish and maintain those habits.


Whether it’s in business, personal growth, relationships, or friendships, the success principals in this book are designed to help women just like you create a life of abundance and fulfillment and step into extraordinary levels of success and happiness.

This is a book about beliefs.
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At its core, Feminine Woman Habits is about the power of beliefs. It explores how the beliefs we hold about ourselves, our potential, and our worth SHAPE our reality. Your life is a reflection of your belief systems. This is a book that will help you identify every lie you’ve told yourself about who you can become and shatter every limiting belief suffocating your potential.


“Know who you are so you don’t have to look for the world to tell you “ - Amanda Ferguson

This is a book about strategy.

Success is not about hard work; it’s about working hard on ourselves first. I think we all know people who worked hard, but never seemed to break the incessant cycle that held them back.


Feminine woman habits book emphasizes the power of having a clear strategy and focuses on leveraging your greatest asset- femininity as a Christian woman.


If you implement *exactly * what’s being taught in this book, you will develop feminine habits that catapult you into a place of no return- never returning back to old habits and mindsets.

This is a book about femininity.

Feminine Woman Habits celebrates the strength and beauty of femininity which I define as “tender power”. This book teaches women around the globe how to harness power laced with poise.


It’s for the woman who wants to make an undeniable elegant impact on every life she encounters.


Adapting feminine habits rooted in Christian values is the ultimate key to transforming your life into one of luxury and softness and this unique framework is only attainable through Feminine Woman Habits book.

Feminine Woman Habits book was structured in 7, powerful steps to reduce overwhelm and take you on a beautiful journey that allows you to exhale.

Step 1- Entering Your Soft Woman Lifestyle

An oasis of learning for the total woman that ministers to spirit, soul, and body. 
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Let me answer some BURNING questions you may have…

1. How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?


Feminine Woman Habits is the * only * personal development and etiquette book specifically designed for Christian women- integrating both faith and femininity to create a luxurious, soft, and impactful life.


2. What’s in it for me?


By implementing the habits detailed in this book, you will learn how to cultivate elegance AND influence, leading to the mindset necessary for more increased income, more opportunities to stand out in a noisy world, and a life of abundance. Because life is to be ENJOYED and not just ENDURED.


3. How do I know this is real?


The principles taught in this book have transformed not only my life as the author, but specifically details feminine habits of Coco Chanel, who transformed from modest beginnings to a luxurious lifestyle.


You will be in awe as you read about the beginnings of Coco Chanel’s life and how she used her pain and turned it into an iconic brand while shining bright in her femininity.


“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life” - Coco Chanel


4. What’s holding me back? Why haven’t other books worked for me?


The main barrier you’re facing is not knowing where to start or feeling overwhelmed by the process. You don’t just want to know “what”- you want to know HOW. This book provides clear, actionable steps to integrate new feminine habits seamlessly into your daily routine.


5. Who or what is to blame?


Popular “self-help” methods often overlook the importance of integrating faith with personal development, leaving a gap for Christian women seeking growth of the “total woman”. This book fills THAT gap.

6. Why now?


In today’s fast paced world, the need for grace, elegance, and a strong personal brand has never been greater. This book offers guidance to help you stand out and thrive “for such a time as this”!


Become the total package newspaper image here

7. Why should I trust you?


As an experienced personal development and certified etiquette coach and consultant, I’ve been known as the “Chanel” of etiquette and femininity for many years. I have a proven track record of helping women achieve remarkable transformations. The book’s unique framework and strategies are tried, tested, and backed by Christian principles.

8. How does it work?

The book breaks down the journey into manageable habits that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Each chapter focuses on specific routines and practices that build upon each other to create *lasting* change.


9. How can I get started?

You can start reading Feminine Woman Habits July 5th for just $97 or purchase the audio book for just $39.


***Due to wanting women to get the FULL experience of this book in hand, shipped along with a copy of our exclusive newspaper, we no longer have an ebook only option.***

The book is designed to be read in half a day, allowing you to quickly absorb and implement its powerful habits into your life.


The most popular option is the hardback cover bundle which Includes:

- our exclusive physical copy of Feminine Woman Newspaper,

- Feminine Woman Habits hardcover book (shipped July 5th),

- complimentary e-book version (available July 5th),

- and complimentary feminine habit resources (available now).


The price is significantly more than most hardback books in the marketplace because the value you will gain from the transformation and growth FAR outweighs the cost.


Luxury women understand that true investment is in the payoff and not the price. By investing in this book, you are investing in your journey to elegance, influence, and abundance with NO limits.

(Note: This book ships internationally and the price of the hardback cover includes shipping and handling. This book is also not on Amazon and will not be sold anywhere else besides this website.) 

10. What do I have to lose?


By choosing not to embrace these habits, you risk continuing in a cycle of mediocrity and missing out on the fullness of life that happiness, softness, and success can bring. Your next level is calling and the time is now to answer that call.


This is your call to join the movement of women who are unapologetically Christian, unapologetically full of identity, and unapologetic of being in her femininity.

This is your call to join the movement of women who are unapologetically Christian, unapologetically full of identity, and unapologetic of being in their femininity.

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