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Dear Woman,

This will be your most soft, abundant, and radiant year yet.

A Preview of Step 4- Gentle Reminders 💕 

The world has been telling us to hustle harder, but

we're no longer playing by their rules.

Women deserve to cultivate a life of purpose and joy where everyday feels like a refreshing escape instead of a perpetual cycle of stress and exhaustion.

Aren’t you tired of always putting on your super woman cape to attempt to be everything for others while having nothing left over for yourself?

Aren’t you tired of neglecting your health in the name of feeding your bank account but not feeding your soul?

Don't let the world fool you anymore...

Aren’t you tired of starting something great and never having follow-through because you don’t have the success habits in place to support you?

You’re worth building your hustle-free dream lifestyle, rich in all the things that matter to you most.

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Let's Dive In


Feminine WOMAN

7 Simple Steps to Softness, Happiness, & Success

A life shift...begins with a mind shift.

"Success is found in your
daily routine."


Feminine Woman Habits book was structured in 7 powerful steps to reduce overwhelm and take you on a beautiful journey that allows you to exhale.

Entering your Soft Woman Lifestyle 

An oasis of learning for the total woman that ministers to spirit, soul, and body

Daily Habits That Stick 

Success is found in your daily routine. In this chapter you will develop habits that remain. 

Recalibrate, Refocus, Reset

What do you do when life throws you a curveball- this step will teach you how to get back on track quickly. 

Building & Balancing 

Identify the Target 

Determine your "why" on the importance of stepping into this new soft lifestyle.

Gentle Reminders 

These are tender little nudges of gracefulness and graciousness laced in etiquette & elegance. 

Build Supportive Relationships

Jesus didn’t put us here to be an island. Learn how to cultivate and nurture deeply connected relationships.

Find productivity without fatigue as you have a blueprint to build your own dream life 


This book is a game changer and everything I didn’t know I needed…the book is a must have!!! I learned so much about being softer in my tone..working on my mannerisms was huge for me too!!! I started implementing immediately and started to see positive change in various aspects of my life and I’m continuing to put them into practice!!! ❤️🎉


It is power packed. I appreciate that this book is deeply grounded in biblical teachings. My perspective of being a softer feminine woman was rooted in past traumas. I had this hardness about me that affected my marriage and my relationship with my daughters. Being a soft feminine woman is powerful and this will undoubtedly become a must have book. 



The wisdom and knowledge shared from a Biblical perspective is life changing. It’s a clear, concise read for those looking to soften not only their image, but entire life. If you want to change, this book equips you with the practical tools and tips to do so, to become a softer, feminine woman! I’m already thinking of 3 women I would like to gift with the book!


*With this Feminine  Woman Habits system, women are already getting powerful results.

Hi there,

I’m Amanda. I know all too well some of the challenges some of you may be facing. I grew up in a home with a very depressed mother and drug addicted father. I was molested as a pre-teen by my youth pastor at the time and it led me down a path of depression, rebellion, drugs and alcohol. 


In 2007, my (then counseler) told me I had two choices: mental hospital or to take a “happy pill” to wake up in the morning and take another pill to put me to sleep at night.


I chose neither and drove myself to church. That night I had a radical encounter with Jesus and he saved me from myself. And the rest was history. 

I was built to defy all odds, and yes, yes you are, too.


I married my best friend, Jonathan Ferguson, of almost 12 years, had four beautiful children, and built a multi million dollar etiquette consulting firm and womanhood coaching company. 


It’s taken me over a decade to learn what I know now. After investing over $200,000 in coaching and mentorship, many sleepless nights, tears and struggle, I know what it is to build a life full of feminine habits that gives you a chance to enjoy life, breathe, and confidently know that rest is a requirement and not a recommendation. 


This book is not about’s  a 7-step system that works, whether it’s me, you, or your best friend. 

Since then,

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Take the mystery out of building a life you love and have the courage to leap to new heights, think new thoughts, and to reinvent yourself from the inside out.


Feminine WOMAN

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